Oprah responds to racist robocalls impersonating her: 'VOTE your love!'


Kemp accused Democrats of attempting to "hack" Georgia's online voter registration system but offered no evidence for the charge, which was widely criticized as a political move two days before the election.

Sunday's allegation against Georgia Democrats is not the first time Kemp cried foul about the alleged hacking of a voter system.

For one robo-call producer speaking into a microphone in what we can only assume is a dark basement, the answer is clear: an 11th-hour infusion of good old-fashioned racism.

It's no surprise that militant Black Panthers are armed and patrolling the streets of Georgia for Stacey Abrams.

Kemp's decision to directly accuse the opposing party of wrongdoing while running for the state's highest office has further inflamed deep-seated worries over voting rights in Georgia at the height of a historic campaign by his Democratic opponent, Stacey Abrams, to become the country's black female governor. The AP also reported that through a process Kemp calls "voter roll maintenance", his office has "cancelled over 1.4 million voter registrations since 2012" and that "nearly 670,000 registrations were cancelled in 2017 alone". "I just want to say: Jesus don't like ugly ..." As of Monday afternoon, FiveThirtyEight's gubernatorial forecast showed Abrams and Kemp locked in a tight content, with Kemp holding on to a very small advantage.

"And so I promise that every single person who votes for Stacey Abrams, you're going to get a new vehicle!"

"Kemp tried to play that Trump card to get where he's at", she said, adding that Abrams, by contrast, highlighted unity. "They seem to be doing it backwards", Richard DeMillo, a Georgia Tech professor and one of the experts contacted by Georgia Democrats, told CNN on Monday.

"She supports a socialist takeover of health care, which means you will never be able to see your doctor", the president continued.

But Abrams would have none of that, declaring Kemp a "bald-faced liar" intent on deflecting attention from security problems with his system. "You suddenly open an investigation without giving any sort of details about what happened?"

Georgia voters are turning out to decide several key Election Day contests beyond the heated race for governor.

The FBI said they have no comment about opening an investigation.

Republican Reps. Karen Handel and Rob Woodall face strong Democratic challengers in metro Atlanta congressional districts long considered safe for the GOP. Her son, Jordan Davis, was shot and killed at a Jacksonville gas station in 2012 after an argument over loud music.