Shark attack kills man in Queensland, Australia as chilling spike baffles scientists


A 12-year-old tourist, Hannah Papps, lost her leg when she was attacked in the same spot while swimming from a yacht the next day.

In September, two tourists were attacked in the same body of water within 24 hours of each other, resulting in the culling of six sharks.

The 33-year-old was airlifted to hospital from the Whitsunday Island's Cid Harbour in north-east Queensland on Monday evening, but ultimately died from his injuries.

Fisheries Queensland issued a statement at the time of the attacks, warning people that Cid Harbour's waters "are not safe for swimming".

The victim was taking turns with a woman on a paddle board in the harbour on Monday afternoon.

French-speaking tourists launched a dinghy from their yacht and pulled Christidis to his own yacht, where most of the group had medical backgrounds, including two doctors.

Ben McCauley, the emergency helicopter crew member, described the incident as "absolutely horrific".

"Definitely one of the more hard ones for everyone involved", McCauley said. The girl later had a leg amputated.

The husband of one of the September Cid Harbour shark attack victims, 48-year-old Tasmanian woman Justine Barwick, said that the victim's family were in their thoughts.

Shark attacks are rare in the Whitsundays, a collection of tropical islands at the heart of the Barrier Reef, with the last encounter reported to be eight years ago, according to the ABC.

"It is not practical to permanently operate shark control equipment at this location as it is too far from the mainland to allow quick deployment, access and servicing, or rapid removal in bad weather".

A doctor on holiday with a group of friends in Australia has been killed by a shark which attacked him after he jumped into the water from a paddleboard.

Daniel Gschwind, chief executive of the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, which represents more than 3,000 tourism businesses, said authorities were methodically examining why the unprecedented series of attacks had occurred and whether environmental changes are a factor. "We are reaching out to his colleagues and will provide counseling support to anyone who needs it", the rep said.

Four tiger sharks were culled from the waters following the attacks and drum lines, which are unmanned aquatic traps used to lure and capture sharks with baited hooks, were additionally laid out by the Queensland state government. Critics argued that killing sharks was not the answer.