Triumph the Insult Comic Dog roasts Beto O'Rourke, Ted Cruz


"What's Ted Cruz have that you don't have, besides the ability to regenerate his tail?" "Ted Cruz and Rep. Beto O'Rourke resting on the state's shifting demographics and political climate, and on sharply contrasting views of President Donald Trump", writes Dallas News.

Triumph even talked to O'Rourke himself, joking "does it concern you that half your fans think they can vote via Instagram?"

Triumph replied with a burn that might've left a scar.

Once he made it to Texas, Triumph started out by talking to the O'Rourke camp.

Just in time for Election Day, a moment of equal-opportunity, bipartisan hilarity, courtesy of "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert". One topic of discussion was the recent reports of voting machines switching people's votes from O'Rourke to Cruz.

"I'm here at the Ted Cruz rally", Triumph announces, "or a Duck Dynasty cosplay convention".

Triumph then asked voters if they were impressed by the way Ted has forgiven Donald Trump, and "if Ted loses do you think he'll end up back with his first love, that mute lady from The Shape of Water, because he's a ugly fish monster!" Triumph asks someone in the crowd at a Cruz rally.

'I love the way you are anybody but Ted Cruz, ' Triumph, as played by Colbert's former colleague Robert Smigel, told O'Rourke during their interview.

Carrey wasn't finished in the back and forth, taking one last shot at Cruz by dragging Donald Trump into the situation. I'm not overwhelming scientific evidence of global warming!" and "Ted, quick question! "Is that in the GOP health-care plan?"

Moving over to Cruz voters, Triumph noted the senator famously called Trump "amoral", "philanderer", and "buffoon". Triumph asks when he finally has a brief audience with Cruz.

"We want him to win, and we'll be watching the TV tonight with him", she said.