What to know as you head to the polls


Although most Oklahoma voters will be heading to the polls on Tuesday, election officials said there are signs more voters may be casting their ballots than in years past.

If you can't reach the voting area because of barriers or other reasons, you can opt for curbside voting.

The record for most early voters in any SC election was in November 2016 when more than 500,000 absentee votes were cast.

In fact, King County had almost double the voters turn in their ballots by Monday compared to the same time during the last midterms in 2014.

In Kentucky, you will need to show ID, or be known personally by a precinct election officer to vote.

Your ballot needs to be postmarked by Tuesday to count.

Polls opened at 6 a.m. and will close at 8 p.m. "We really wanted to insure that Central Iowans that want to vote have a way to get there", DART's Marketing and Communications Director, Erin Hockman said. Ballots may also be dropped at special drop boxes set up by counties. Once there, click on "Voter Location" and enter your information. Mansky says he visited some polling places Tuesday morning, and the judges all reported high turnout, with a line of voters waiting for one polling place to open.

"You would have to have a pretty good conspiracy going, and collusion going by election officials (to affect the election data)", she said.

The next step? Moving to a system of paper-based ballots which are marked and then hand-fed into tabulators ... which in turn spit out printed receipts for the voter, enabling them to confirm their choices and preserve a record of their votes. Buesse was taking advantage of the last day of early voting before tomorrow's election. Some counties previously offered that as part of a pilot program that has now been made permanent. Are you ready to vote?

Minneapolis estimates almost 70,000 voters have cast their ballots as of noon. Early voting numbers sit at 223,548 - up 96 percent from the 2014 midterm election.

ME voters will also answer five ballot questions, one of which proposed to increase taxes on higher-income earners to pay for home health care workers.

But even if a voter is not energized by a specific local issue, experts say many times voters are reacting to the political drama on the national level.

Besides the increased mail-in ballot figures, extra public hours also keep the clerk's office busy this time of year.