Indonesia jet had damaged airspeed indicator on last four flights, says official


The head of Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee, Soerjanto Tjahjono, said in the meeting that the data retrieved from flight data recorder found last week confirms reports that the altitude and the speed of the plane had been erratic.

Safety experts say it is too early to determine the cause of the October 29 crash.

A passenger jet that crashed into the sea near Indonesia last week had an airspeed indicator problem on its final four flights, officials say. The device was replaced in Bali after pilots reported a problem with airspeed reading, the Indonesian transportation safety regulator said Wednesday. "We ask NTSB and Boeing to work on this to prevent same accident happening in the future". "One belongs to the pilot in command and one belongs to the co-pilot". Under some circumstances, such as when pilots are manually flying, the Max jets will automatically try to push down the nose if they detect that an aerodynamic stall is possible, the person said. "If there are urgent findings to be delivered, we will convey them to the operators and to the manufacturer", he said, according to AP.

When contacted by FOX Business, Boeing declined to comment on the report. As of November 7, the DJPU has conducted in-situ ramp checks of aircraft that belong to Lion Air, Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air, Sriwijaya Air, NAM Air, Wings Air (Indonesia), and Indonesia AirAsia.

He said, "The plane was intact when it plunged to the sea, it did not explode in the air, and the aircraft engine was running when it touched the water at high RPM - it's marked by the loss of all blades of the turbine".

The two-month-old plane went into a sudden dive minutes after take-off, which the pilots were able to recover from.

Boeing has delivered 219 Max planes - the latest and most advanced 737 jets - since the models made their commercial debut past year with a Lion Air subsidiary.

The crash caused its left wing to tear, as well as flight delays involving airlines such as Batik Air, according to Channel News Asia.

A search for the cockpit voice recorder, the second so-called black box, remains underway.

Indonesia's rescue agency said Sunday that wreckage spotted by divers had turned out to be only pieces of skin of the Boeing Co. jet rather than the main fuselage. "This is what we do not know yet and we will find it out". However, the Times noted, there has been no evidence of widespread problems with airspeed indicators in the Max 8 fleet.

So far, only 14 of the victims have been identified.

KNKT plans to do a flight reconstruction, taking into account a faulty angle of attack sensor, at Boeing's engineering simulator in Seattle.

The 737 MAX is the latest generation of Boeing's 737.

"After 10 minutes in the air the plane dropped as if it was losing power". He said the drop felt like falling into "a really, really deep hole".

But authorities will also question the pilots from the previous flight from Bali to Jakarta about the exact nature of the problems they encountered. Its transport safety panel investigated 137 serious aviation incidents from 2012 to 2017.

The SAR operations using state-of-the-art technology such as sonar technology, found the FDR about 500 metres from the plane's crash coordinate.