The Military Deployment to the US-Mexico Border


The defense officials described the force DHS requested as something that would only be used if CPB personnel were overwhelmed by the situation on the border.

Last week, the military announced that over 7,000 troops would go to the border with Mexico as a caravan of Central American migrants slowly heads towards the United States. There is no plan for soldiers to come in contact with immigrants or to reinforce Department of Homeland Security as they're conducting their mission.

Military helicopters will take part in the mission, codenamed Operation Faithful Patriot - not to track down migrants, however, but to transport CBP staff to the border. As many as 8,000 troops, if not more depending on operational demands, could eventually be deployed to the border in support of Operation Faithful Patriot. "But we're going to arrest those people quickly and for a long time", he told reporters.

"The only soldiers that are going to be armed during this mission are the soldiers that are providing force protection", said Col. Rob Manning, a Pentagon spokesman, echoing a statement by the Department of Defense that only "military police" who will be protecting the troops will be carrying weapons. "They're going to wait and if they don't get asylum, they get out", Trump told Fox News.

The cost of mobilizing all those troops is estimated to be around $220 million.

WASHINGTON, Nov 5 (Reuters) - Pentagon officials declined a preliminary Trump administration request for the us military to build facilities to house detained migrants as part of its new mission on the Mexican border, usa officials said.

There are roughly 2,700 active-duty troops in Texas, 1,200 in Arizona and 1,100 in California, the Department of Defence revealed Monday.

The President confirmed last week that his administration was prepared to send upwards of 15,000 U.S. troops to the region to help prevent the "migrant caravan" from entering the United States illegally.

Customs and Border Protection declined to comment.

Trump said last week he plans to build tents to house migrants, who would be held in those facilities while the USA government weighs their asylum request.

Roughly 900 troops have reached the U.S. -Mexico border since the Trump administration began the deployment October 26.

Some people living in the area are calling the move a midterm election stunt. Mr. Trump has blasted illegal immigration in the past, and called for the importance of border security.