Lion Air Boeing 737 safety alert after crash


The AD now affects 246 total Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in service globally.

Historically sensor information can be devastating and cause serious crashes.

"As long as we fixed the problem and the technician declares that aircraft is safe to fly, the pilot will fly the aircraft, because that means the aircraft is safe to fly", said Captain Daniel Putut Kuncoro Adi.

A Lion Air plane's left wing crashed into a pole on the runway at Fatmawati Airport in Indonesia's Bengkulu city on Nov 7.

So Ferhm too believes the MAX is as safe as any 737.

Boeing will also warn pilots to follow an existing procedure to handle the problem. The FAA said the directive is based on an analysis performed by Boeing.

A plane owned by low-priced Indonesian airline Lion Air has torn a wing on a runway in Indonesia just days after one of its flights crashed into the Java Sea, leaving 189 dead.

"The AMC officer is a person from the airport management and is being examined by the relevant party".

Boeing declined to comment. Resulting effects include excessive nose-down attitude of the aircraft and significant altitude loss as well as possible impact with terrain. So if the aircraft is climbing the wing would be pointing up, and as the aircraft descends the wing is pointing down below the horizon. The force on the control column is relaxed to zero and the system holds the position. And on the last two flights, it had problems with what's called the angle of attack sensor.

"Accidents have so many factors that become involved", said aviation consultant Scott Hamilton. "I was surprised that a single angle of attack indicator could cause the activation of this system".

The DGCA official said within three days of the receipt of FAA AD, changes to airplane flight manual had to be done, for procedures which had to be followed by the flight crew. Following the protocol should be routine for pilots, though may be more challenging in the heat of the moment when equipment is malfunctioning and alarms are sounding.

It was the second time the search has been extended.

However, in the stress of a real-life situation, this may not be so straightforward.

"The airline is in contact with them and committed to implement all directives or advisories that may be published by either the manufacturer or DGCA as the safety of guests and crew is of paramount importance at Jet Airways", an airline spokesperson said.

"At this point, we still don't know enough to understand precisely what happened here".

The FAA said the order is effective immediately and covers 45 aircraft in the United States operated by carriers including Southwest Air Co, United Airlines and American Airlines Group Inc and addresses erroneous angle of attack inputs.

Boeing initially issued a safety warning on Tuesday that stated how "erroneous input from an AOA sensor" played a role in the deadly Lion Air crash.