Pelosi Unveils House Diversity Office To Recruit Staff From Varying Backgrounds


The Republican-controlled 115th Congress has only sent a small handful of noncontroversial drug pricing measures to President Trump for a signature.

"The control of the House, in turn, will allow the Democrats to open new investigations on the president".

Asked about releasing his filings, Trump reaffirmed that justification during a post-election news conference Wednesday.

Also among them are the first two Native American women elected to the House - Democrats Sharice Davids of Kansas and Deb Haaland of New Mexico - and the first two Muslim-American women, Rhasida Tlaib of MI and Minnesota's Ilhan Oman.

In the Senate, Republicans held control while ousting moderate Democrats in North Dakota, Indiana, and Missouri - even as they lost their Republican incumbent in Nevada. Rep. Mike Coffman in Colorado blamed his loss on resentment toward Mr Trump in his Denver-area district. The president responded: "Too bad, Mike". But based on exit polling, we can tell you one thing: "it isn't their radical social policy", the organization said.

Mr Trump went on to say he's happy with "most" of his Cabinet, suggesting more changes may be coming and that he is "looking at different people for different positions", adding that "it is very common after the midterms". There was the primary victory of Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in NY, who is now headed to the House, and the avowed opposition to Pelosi as speaker from candidates trying to wrest control from Republicans in swing districts.

Trump says his vigorous campaigning stopped a so-called "blue wave", "if there ever was such a thing".

The House Diversity Initiative calls for creating a permanent office in the House with sufficient staff to help recruit and retain diverse employees to work in Congress, said a Pelosi aide. "So, this is something that I feel all of my experience is geared to".

Democrats will now be able to block legislation and light a fire under Trump's feet with investigations of his opaque finances and Russian interference in the 2016 election.

While James Madison warned that impeachment should not be considered a remedy for mere "maladministration", he also said it was an "indispensable protection" against the "incapacity, negligence, or perfidy" of a president.

Neal and Representative Bill Pascrell, who is set to chair the Ways and Means trade subcommittee, are promising to haul Trump's top trade lieutenants into hearings not only to explain their strategy on China but also on future trade negotiations with the European Union, Japan and Britain.

"I think the Democrats would certainly be a line of defense against any further tax cuts", said Nancy Vanden Houten, senior economist at Oxford Economics. "Two can play that game!"

Key House Democrats plan to hold a vote on protecting health insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions early next year, a signature issue that propelled many to victory during Tuesday's midterm elections.

Democrats were not always shut out of these seats: In 2008, a strong year for the party, they even won a majority of the country's purely rural seats.

The new ingredient in the Washington equation is a Democratic House, likely led by Pelosi, who is running for speaker.

The president criticized Republican candidates who apparently did not support him enough and lost congressional seats in Tuesday's elections. "It's about restoring the Constitution's checks and balances to the Trump administration".

This should make it easier for the President to win re-election in 2020.

Democrats have long sought deeper inroads into suburban Philadelphia's bloc of eight state Senate seats.

Cummings has said the panel will also focus on issues including skyrocketing prescription drug costs, the opioid epidemic and voting rights. Does Trump stand to gain personally from the sweeping Republican tax law enacted late a year ago, which he championed, and, if so, how specifically? At the Hilton DoubleTree Resort, music blared from the hall and smiles were etched on faces. "That's a firewall", GOP volunteer James Murr said.

"So if the Republicans start to think that they would lose the 2020 election, which is only two years away, which means the campaign is only one year away, if they start to think they would lose the 2020 election, there will be internal opposition to Trump within the Republican party as well as external opposition to Trump from the Democrat House of Representatives". Admission of failure is unlikely as Trump works to build a list of accomplishments he can carry into the next election.