Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Carolina Panthers score


Although Bell has been spotted in Pittsburgh this week, he still hasn't reported to the team and won't be playing the for the Steelers on Thursday.

Le'Veon Bell had a little fun at the expense of the Carolina Panthers during Thursday night's blowout. Bell has been working out in Miami this season, but on Monday he tweeted "Fairwell Miami" without further explanation.

If Bell fails to report, the transition tag would be around $14.5 million, or 120 percent of his $12.1 million franchise tag from 2017, since that's the previous year he played.

Rooney said the team will not focus on Bell's future until the season is over.

Pittsburgh answered with one play - Roethlisberger's 75-yard throw to JuJu Smith-Schuster for a 7-7 tie at 10:18.

"Pass the sticks"? That's a phrase referring to giving up while getting blown out in Madden, so you're passing a Playstation or XBox controller (which has a pair of "stick" buttons) to the next player. The Steelers are not expected to use the franchise tag on him again next year, since it would be valued at over $20 million, but could still opt to use the transition tag at a price similar to this year's franchise tag. If the Steelers match, regardless of the offer, Bell would have to sign that deal with Pittsburgh. "So, there are questions that we may get to at the end of the season". Bell already has played the four-plus seasons he needs to become a free agent after the season.