Raging flames from Southern California wildfires jump house to house


Farther south in the Los Angeles region, the Woolsey and Hill Fires were whipped up Thursday evening by powerful winds that pushed them through canyons and to the edge of Camarillo Springs and Cal State Channel Islands, both of which were evacuated, according to the Los Angeles Times. In October 2017, some 21 wildfires burned almost 95,000 acres and 7,000 buildings in Sonoma and Napa counties in the heart of California's wine country, killing 40 people.

Honea says resources are spread thin, but officials are "doing everything we can to get people out of the affected areas".

"F-ing Paradise is gone", she said.

As winds approached 50 mph (80 km/h), causing the fire to grow rapidly in just a few hours, some residents were forced to abandon vehicles and escape on foot, local media reported.

Humboldt is one of many California counties contributing to the firefighting efforts in Butte County where the Camp Fire has burned over 70,000 acres in just over a day leaving the town of Paradise in ruins.

Flames from the unchecked, 20,000-acre (8,100-hectare) Camp Fire were being driven westward by 35-mile-per hour (56 km-per-hour) winds, fire officials said.

At least 2,000 buildings had been destroyed and 15,000 remains threatened, according to Cal Fire.

The fast-moving wildfire began early Thursday morning in the town of Paradise, Calif., a population of 27,000, and has burned through 18,000 acres.

The National Weather Service had predicted risky fire weather conditions in California because of Santa Ana winds, which roar in from the east and accelerate down California's north-to-south-oriented mountain slopes.

The Chico Fire Department said: "Firefighters continue to actively engage the fire in order to protect life and property".

Scott McLean, a spokesman for Cal Fire, said the fire in Northern California's Butte County has "destroyed the town". One evacuation center was even forced to close down as the flames spread.

Authorities fear the fire, fueled by strong winds, could reach Chico - a city of 90,000 people where many Butte County families already have evacuated to shelters. If you or anyone you know happens to be anywhere near the Camp Fire, please evacuate to safety.

On Friday, Newsom also declared a state of emergency for the raging fires also ravaging Ventura County near Los Angeles as well.

Richardson estimates another 60,000 people will likely have to evacuate because the fire jumped USA 101 early Friday and is pushing toward the coast. A fire had broken out in her yard, blocking the path to her auto.

Christy Dawn Little abandoned her Oak Park home, northeast of Thousand Oaks, around 11 p.m. PT.

Butte County CalFire Chief Darren Read said Thursday the destruction in the town of Paradise could be upward of a thousand structures.

Fire officials characterized the inferno as explosive.