Watch the world’s first AI news anchor deliver a report


The virtual presenters are created using 3D digital models of real humans an then apply AI tech to synthesise the voices of presenters and replicate their expressions and lip movements, without the need for more time-consuming traditional CGI processes. Chinese search engine Sogou provided the underlying technology, but it's unclear exactly how these newsreaders were developed.

The anchor takes advantage of AI technology to combine images and voices of human anchors to deliver news with "the same effect" as human anchors.

The anchors' facial expressions are also somewhat limited (and mildly unsettling) but it's still early days. "I'm AI news anchor in Beijing".

Xinhua is boasting that their new artificial intelligence news anchor is a world's first and that "he" is now considered a regular member of the reporting team and, even better, never needs a break.

China's state-owned news agency, Xinhua News, recently introduced their newest anchor: a computer generated graphic coupled with artificial intelligence to create what may be the creepiest news report you'll ever see.

"Xinhua said the new digital presenters "[learn] from live broadcasting videos" by themselves. "He" as he's known, is the world's first artificial news anchor. "He will work together with other anchors to bring you authoritative, timely and accurate news and information in Chinese and English", Xinhua said.

"As an AI news anchor under development, I know there is a lot for me to improve". A report published by McKinsey & Company previous year indicated that as many as 800 million workers worldwide could be displaced by robots come 2030 - but that some skills are more susceptible to replacement than others.

Xinhua said its newest recruits "can work 24 hours a day", allowing it to cut down on production costs. It's very flat, very single-paced, it's not got rhythm, pace or emphasis.

Riddle me this: if the robots do wage war, will the artificially intelligent newsreaders tell us?