White House bans CNN reporter after confrontation with Trump


The CNN reporter had his press pass revoked by the White House Wednesday after he asked multiple questions during a press conference and refused to give the microphone back to a female aide who was trying to retrieve it from him.

The Commander-in-Chief was speaking with reporters on the White House lawn when he was asked to comment on his administration's decision to suspend Acosta's press pass.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway told "Fox and Friends" on November 8 "The reporter from NBC was already standing, getting ready to ask his question, and she was just doing her job, which was to reclaim the microphone that belongs to the federal government". He does this with everybody.

"You are a rude awful person, you should not be working for CNN", Trump said, further baselessly accusing him of reporting "fake news" and calling him an "enemy of the people".

Trump: "The same thing with April Ryan..."

Acosta calls the White House claim a "lie", and video of the incident on Wednesday shows that he only touched the intern on her arm as she tried to grab the microphone from him.

The president said that the bad blood between him and the media was the fault of journalists showing insufficient deference. She knows it. These are dark times and not only because of the pack of lying liars in charge.

The White House News Photographers Association said it was "appalled" to learn that Sanders may have shared a doctored video.

The president said he had not decided if Acosta's pass would be reinstated and he suggested there "could be others" who lose their credentials.

"The fact that the White House Press Secretary is promoting this doctored video is reprehensible and grounds for dismissal - or, as they call it in the Trump administration, Thursday", Colbert said on The Late Show. "She shouldn't be", Trump said. "She gets publicity and then she gets a pay raise". Trump said in response that it was a "stupid question", and added that he "watches" her a lot, and knows she has made a habit of asking stupid questions.

"I understand", Alexander said, attempting to ask a question.

Trump didn't like the question, but reporters from competing networks defended Phillip's inquiry.

Nevertheless, as a result of his actions, Jim's credentials and permission to attend White House conferences has officially been revoked - for now.

"First of all, thank you for being kind enough to understand that those words are awful for a sitting United States President versus someone who's been covering presidents from before him and will probably after he leaves" Ryan said.

Because the White House briefing room isn't the appropriate place to deliver commentary in the form of questions.

Trump soured on Sessions after the former senator recused himself from overseeing the FBI's probe of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.