Judge backs suspending recount deadlines


Close races - even those that trigger recounts - are not unprecedented or unusual, said Marian Schneider, president of election integrity nonprofit Verified Voting.

Bill Nelson, D-Fla., and the Senate Armed Services Committee's No. 2 Democrat, was urging the ongoing machine recount in Florida to proceed as he trailed his GOP opponent Florida Gov. Rick Scott by some 12,000 votes.

With lawsuits flying as thick as insults, and the margins extremely tight, a second recount - this time done manually - is on the cards.

Meanwhile, lawyers for Democrats planned to ask a federal judge on Wednesday (Thursday NZT) to set aside the state law mandating that mailed-in votes be thrown out if the signature on the envelope doesn't match the signature on file with election authorities. Both counties are Democratic strongholds. With Trump and Scott and other Republican officials daily hurling around the words "stolen" and "fraud" even though there's no evidence of either, it sits the Senate up to make its own decision should the recount tip the outcome in Nelson's favor.

Scott's campaign called the move "frivolous and laughable". It's normal for counting the ballots to continue for days; under state law they had until noon Saturday following the election.

"There is nobody who wants to serve this state more, I assure you, but I want to assure you whether it's me or the other person, I am going to fight with every fiber of my being not only to count the votes now to assure a better democratic process for people who come after us", Gillum said.

Trump repeated his complaints over the Florida races in a Twitter post on Monday.

Three extra sheriff's deputies have been called in to monitor the recount.

Here, we found no evidence to support the claim Democrats and their allies and manufacturing voters.

Trump went on to allege that "new ballots showed up out of nowhere, and many ballots are missing or forged", and that ballots are "massively infected".

As the results rolled in on election night, it appeared that Republicans might add three or four seats to their 51-49 Senate majority.

Studies have found no evidence of large-scale voter fraud in the United States, although through the nation's history, courts have found evidence of policies meant to suppress voting by minorities.

Nelson scoffed at the charges and called for the governor to recuse himself from the recounts. If true, that would be a violation of election law.

Mr Scott declared victory on election night, but slow vote-counting in Democrat-leaning Broward and Palm Beach counties narrowed the race to within the margin that dictates a recount.

Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi then blasted FDLE for not investigating, and the next day the two offices released a joint statement saying they are "actively engaged in monitoring processes for potential criminal activity".

Elias argued that there's no need to rush, since the victor of the Nelson-Scott race won't be sworn into office until January. "But there's laws. Comply with the laws".

Election administrators are racing against the clock to machine-recount ballots ahead of a Thursday deadline to present their findings, with numerous state's 67 counties beginning the task Sunday. While Democrats have already regained control of the House, 10 races are still outstanding, several of them in California.

Democrats achieved more than a bare majority in the House, and in the Senate, their gains grew stronger as Kyrsten Sinema was declared the victor in Arizona on Monday, over House Armed Services Committee member Martha McSally, R-Ariz.

The League of Women Voters of Florida and another group have filed a lawsuit seeking to remove Scott from any official control over the election.

Nelson's lawsuit states the deadlines "impose a severe burden - disenfranchisement - on the right to vote of the voters who cast ballots that have thus far been improperly rejected and will only be counted accurately if both a machine and manual recount are complete".