Complete denuclearisation needed to end sanctions: Ban Ki-moon to N Korea


When the leaders of North and South Korea had their historic meeting in April, North Korea's Kim Jong-un asked for help with updating his country's railways, which he said were in an "embarrassing" state.

While North Korea under command of Kim Jong Un still has not completely denuclearized, it appears they are working the government of the South in earnest to lessen hostilities, and as the Atlantic article points out, in hopes of alleviating worldwide sanctions to stimulate their economy. He said, "We are getting along very well".

Trump and Mr. Kim opened up dialogue on denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula after months of trading military threats and pointed barbs.

Trump and Xi agreed that "great progress has been made with respect to North Korea", the White House statement added. Pence told NBC News last month the United States would not require Pyongyang to provide a complete list of nuclear weapons and locations before the second summit, but that the meeting must produce a concrete plan.

Trump said, "I think we're going to do one fairly (soon) - you know, into January, February, I think", while travelling back from Argentina after G20 summit.

However, North Korea has taken steps to cease its ballistic missile and nuclear programs.

But critics say the South risks conceding some of its conventional military strength before North Korea takes any meaningful steps on denuclearization, as the larger nuclear negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang seemingly drift into a stalemate.

"Following demolition of guard posts between the South and the North, our security operations on the front line have had no problem", a JCS official said. He said he would deliver the message if Kim visits Seoul this year.

In September, the President said that he wanted to schedule a second summit with Kim.

North and South Korea have begun to remove landmines and destroy military bunkers at parts of their common border as part of efforts to improve long-strained relations.

Former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Monday to take concrete steps toward complete denuclearization and gain the trust of the global community if he wants sanctions lifted.

Following Moon-Trump meet in G20 summit in Argentina, Moon has developed some respect and support for Seoul summit from the USA administration- aiming to entice Kim to hold a good pledge.