Rudy Giuliani Goes Full Conspiracy Theory Because He Doesn't Understand The Internet


As for Giuliani, he demonstrated a spectacular misunderstanding of how Twitter works by accusing the platform of allowing someone to "invade [his] text", and change the message.

Beyond the general manic tone of the tweet itself, you may have noticed Giuliani forgot to create a space between G-20, and.In which in effect created a link. "Out of control! Supervision please?" declared the former mayor of New York's tweet.

Here's what happened. Giuliani was referring to a previous tweet in which he made a typo when referring to the G-20 conference in Argentina.

"I kind of chuckled a little bit that he created this accidental link", Jason Velazquez, told The Washington Post. The URL was purchased and then used to send a single message about how they felt about the president, reading: "Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country".

It was the type of throwaway gag that entertains Twitter users for a few hours before forever fading from memory. Was it a Twitter employee?

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's attorney, suggested his Twitter account was invaded after he unintentionally tweeted a link to an anti-Trump website. The same thing-period no space-occurred later and it didn't happen. Politics watchers will know that he's been acting as the President's lawyer, in which (as far as I can tell) his main job is to go on TV news programs and reveal stuff no lawyer should reveal.

"Time Magazine also may fit that description", Giuliani concluded.

For their part, a spokesperson for Twitter categorically denied Giuliani's inference, stating "the accusation that we're artificially injecting something into a tweet is completely false". And that lack of understanding led him to invent a ludicrous conspiracy theory about Twitter.

The tweet, and subsequent misunderstanding of what caused the anti-Trump message, is particularly embarrassing for Guiliani, who serves as one of the nation's top cybersecurity advisors. Giuliani tweeted earlier on Tuesday.