Yankees Turn To J.A. Happ And Nathan Eovaldi Following Corbin Miss


Patrick Corbin was the No. 1 starter available on the market this offseason.

Both have their blemishes, Happ is 35 years old and unlikely to make the same impact he did a year ago and Evoladi missed all of 2017 recovering from Tommy John surgery and has only thrown close to 200 IP once in his career.

With the Winter Meetings coming next week and numerous offseason milestones behind us, the free agent logjam was destined to break at any second, and perhaps it just has: Patrick Corbin is reportedly signing with the Washington Nationals.

Had the Yankees landed Corbin, they would've added a third prime-aged elite bat-misser to the rotation alongside James Paxton and Luis Severino.

According to multiple media reports, Washington has signed former Arizona Diamondbacks ace Patrick Corbin to a six-year contract. That topped the Yankees' offer by a dozen months and $40 million. Billy Witz says the Yankees offered five years and $100M, but wouldn't tack on the sixth year, so to Washington he goes.

You hope all players all the time run things out, play hard or give it their all, but [it's] not necessarily the No. 1 thing I look at when I am defining whether a player is giving his all or is a gamer or posting [playing every day] and being a guy who grinds when it's difficult behind the scenes, " Boone said Wednesday on ESPN radio's "The Michael Kay Show". They'll apparently renew their interest in J.A. Happ and Nathan Eovaldi.

Last month, the Yankees and Cleveland Indians entered talks about a possible trade involving star pitcher Corey Kluber. He went 23-11 with an ERA over 4.00 in 48 starts.

The expected contract falls in line with the contract that MLB Trade Rumors proposed he might Corbin might receive this offseason in the Top 50 Free Agents list, which was a six-year, $129 million deal.

Keuchel, Eovaldi and Happ are the consensus top starters remaining on the market, with the possible exception of Japanese southpaw Yusei Kikuchi, who was posted by the Seibu Lions of Nippon Professional Baseball yesterday.