Father: Body Found In Costa Rica Is My Missing Daughter


OIJ found the body Monday afternoon near the Airbnb property where Stefaniak had been staying when she went missing November 27 in San Antonio of Escazú, San José. He maintained that the body still needed to be fingerprinted before they made an official announcement.

We have spoken to Airbnb officials, who say they have reached out to both Carla's family as well as the FBI, OIJ and the local embassy.

The body, covered in plastic bags, was found about 300 meters (300 yards) from the apartment that Stefaniak was staying at in San Jose to celebrate her 36th birthday.

Authorities in Costa Rica said Tuesday (Monday NZT) they found what appears to be the body of the missing Hallandale Beach woman.

Espinoza added that authorities found stains in the Airbnb apartment where Stefaniak was staying that were "compatible with blood", though they are conducting further testing.

Stefaniak missed her flight home November 28, one day after she was last seen in a villa in San Antonio de Escazu outside the capital of San Jose.

She contacted her family Tuesday night.

On Tuesday, a family friend, Bugra Demirel, told the BBC they had waited outside the morgue to identify her body. In Stefaniak wrote in her final communication to Burton that she was experiencing a power outage at the Airbnb and may have felt unsafe, writing "It's pretty sketchy here", as BBC News reported.

Officials also said a 32-year-old Nicaraguan security guard was being detained in connection with her death after offering conflicting stories to investigators.

The body was found covered in plastic bags near an Airbnb apartment that was rented by Ms Stefaniak, who went missing almost a week ago.

Investigators performed an autopsy Tuesday, and plan to work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to match fingerprints to formally confirm the body belongs to Stefaniak.

On Dec. 3, reports said that a body was located on the Airbnb property where she was staying.

During an exclusive interview with ABC Action News, Stefaniak's father, Carlos, said his heart shattered when he saw her body. "We will update everyone as soon as we know". "She is very active on social media, and for her, on the day of her birthday, to never log in to any of those accounts is just insane".

Caicedo said Monday that he had heard that a body was found but that the Organismo de Investigación Judicial - which is investigating Stefaniak's disappearance - had not yet told his family if the body was hers. The last time she posted to social media accounts was the previous night.

"At midnight Eastern time, Burton texted Stefaniak to wish her a happy birthday but did not receive a response", Gardner said.

Both Caicedo and his wife, who had been traveling with Stefaniak, are skeptical she would leave that early because her flight wasn't scheduled until more than eight hours later.