GOP Michigan Senate votes to strip Dem's power


The measure up for a vote Thursday is among several that opponents say ignore voters after they swept Democrats into the governor, attorney general and secretary of state offices.

Scott Walker is on his way out, defeated in November by Democratic Gov. -elect Tony Evers.

The voters elected them based on what they promised to do.

The attorney general's office, meanwhile, wouldn't be allowed to withdraw from federal lawsuits.

After working into the early morning hours to ensure that the bills considered in the extraordinary session struck proper balance between the incoming Governor and the Legislative branch, I was unable to support a third proposal, SB 884.

A day after Wisconsin Republicans approved a package of bills meant to restrict the powers of incoming Democratic leaders, Republican lawmakers in MI advanced a similar effort despite an outcry from Democrats.

The votes early Wednesday were the height of a rare lame-duck legislative session.

The incoming Democratic governor of Wisconsin says he will make a personal appeal to outgoing Republican Gov. Scott Walker to veto legislation that weakens the new administration's powers. Do we think that has something to do with Wisconsin's participation in a multi-state lawsuit from Republicans attempting to invalidate the Affordable Care Act?

The attorney general-elect, Josh Kaul, is also a Democrat. Currently, each county has the power to decide their early voting terms, and many Democrat-dominated counties have a six-week period to vote early.

Also Wednesday, the House voted 58-50 for legislation that would empower the Legislature, House or Senate to intervene in any suit at any stage, a right already granted to the attorney general.

"Interestingly, just as Democrats are set to take control of the SBE, Republican legislators have hatched this plan to create this shadow SBE, taking powers from the existing SBE-similar to their raw power grab with other legislation reducing powers of the incoming Democratic governor, attorney general and secretary of state", said MEA spokesperson David Crim.

A Senate bill looks to remove campaign finance oversight from the jurisdiction of the secretary of state who will be Jocelyn Benson. They said the anti-gerrymandering ballot initiative approved last month is self-executing, and the legislation is unconstitutional and is not supported by organizers of the ballot drive nor people who voted for it.

The measure was approved on a 17-16 vote with all Democrats and one Republican voting against it.

A public policy analyst contends that Republicans would be very upset if Democrats did what the lame duck Republican leadership is doing in Wisconsin.

The bills give the Republican legislature control of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation board, which for eight years has been the duty of Walker. Attorneys general frequently decline to defend challenges involving legislation that conflicts with the views of the executive branch. The measures are created to weaken both incoming Democratic Gov. -elect Tony Evers and Democratic Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul.

When both take office in January Wisconsin will experience the first divided government in 10 years.