IPhone XR is the best single-lens camera phone in 2018


If you're wondering, the clear design is intended since the iPhone Xr is offered in six new finishes: white, black, blue, yellow, coral and the exclusive (PRODUCT) RED edition, which helps raise awareness and inspire action to fight HIV/AIDS.

But as the footnote at the bottom of the site explains, " $449 reflects [the] price of iPhone XR after trade-in of iPhone 7 Plus ...

The image was obtained was 9to5Mac, which was responsible for discovering that Smart Battery Case icon lurking in watchOS 5.1.2 beta 2 yesterday.

Way back in late 2015, Apple released its first Smart Battery Case intended for use on the iPhone 6s.

Although we can't tell much from the single image of the new Smart Battery Case, it does look like the actual "battery" portion of the accessory is better integrated and doesn't seem like an afterthought. This is the same component which predicted the new 2018 iPad Pro without a Home button.

The Apple iPhone XR is the most economical of the three iPhones launched this year, offering a single rear camera, unlike the dual camera configuration of the XS and XS Max models.

The Smart Battery Case icon reveals the camera in a vertical orientation, which is different than the previous icon.

While we'll likely never have a firm grasp on how iPhone XR sales stack up in light of Apple's reluctance to divulge iPhone unit sales, a new survey from UBS reveals that overall interest in iPhone upgrades is at a five-year low. Stay tuned, because it's increasingly looking like we'll be getting official confirmation soon.

The only area where the phone tends to falter is in case of zoom and bokeh shots, which the site notes aren't as strong as the iPhone XS Max.