Trump says Heather Nauert will replace Haley as UN ambassador


Nauert's first government position has been as the state department spokesperson, to which she was appointed in April 2017.

Even before Donald Trump officially announced his nomination of State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert to succeed Ambassador Nikki Haley as us ambassador to the United Nations, the rumored pick was pilloried over Nauert's lack of diplomatic experience. "He brings a level of stability and knowledge to the Justice Department that I think will be very powerful".

She will take over from Nikki Haley who announced her resignation in October.

Nauert is now the spokesperson for the State Department, but before her stint there in 2017, she rose to prominence through her role at Fox News as a host of "Fox & Friends".

The president picked Nauert after considering other potential nominees including former White House aide Dina Powell, ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft, former U.S. Senate candidate John James of MI and ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell - who was a favorite of National Security Adviser John Bolton. The officials were not authorized to speak publicly before Trump's announcement.

"She's excellent, she's been with us a long time, she's been a supporter for a long time", Trump told reporters last month. "But, I think it [the US ambassador job] is not going to be what it was under Nikki Haley, which was a serious competitor under a vacuum at the NSC [National Security Council] and at the State Department under [former Secretary of State Rex] Tillerson".

At the State Department, Nauert scaled back what had previously been daily news conferences in previous administrations, sometimes making them just once-a-week events. But noting Nauert's background as a spokeswoman, she added, "It's not a role for merely reading talking points".

Nauert was a breaking news anchor on Trump's favourite television show, "Fox & Friends", when she was tapped to be the face and voice of the administration's foreign policy.

Nauert, 48, has been back and forth between her husband and two sons in NY and her job in Washington, D.C. Her relative lack of experience for a high-stakes foreign relations position means that Democrats are likely to press Nauert on her qualifications during her confirmation hearings, according to CNN.

But her inexperience sometimes shone through: in June she cited the D-day landings as evidence of the longstanding relationship between Washington and Berlin.

The contrast between Haley and Nauert's respective credentials and diplomatic experience couldn't be more stark.

But her relationship with current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appears to have been better.

"Those days are definitely behind us, especially since Pompeo and Bolton joined", Pradhan said.

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