Missouri poacher ordered to repeatedly watch 'Bambi'


Lawrence County Judge Robert George ordered the special addition to the one-year prison sentence of David Berry Jr. after he and three of his family members were busted in a massive, multi-year poaching case, which involved state, federal, and Canadian law enforcement agencies, the Springfield News-Leader reports.

Don Trotter, the prosecuting attorney said: "The deer were trophy bucks taken illegally, mostly at night, for their heads, leaving the bodies of the deer to waste".

At least several hundred deer were killed by the family, said Lawrence County Conservation Agent Andy Barnes.

The total number of deer killed or taken illegally is unknown, but Berry Jr did plead guilty to the charges.

A poacher in the USA has been ordered to repeatedly watch the Disney classic Bambi after he was sentenced for illegally killing hundreds of deer.

Berry Jr. was the only one the judge ordered to watch the classic Walt Disney movie.

In the 1942 movie, Bambi's mother is killed by hunters.

Lawerence County Sheriff  APDavid Berry Jr. is seen in this undated police handout
Lawerence County Sheriff APDavid Berry Jr. is seen in this undated police handout

Berry was arrested by police along with three family members, including his dad.

The brutal punishment was included in the December 6 order revoking the probation of David Berry Jr., one of four defendants caught in an eight-and-a-half month investigation by the Missouri Department of Conservation into a vast deer-poaching operation that's believed to be responsible for the illegal killing of hundreds of deer.

"In situations like this, with serial poachers who have no regard for the animals, rules of fair chase or aren't bothered by the fact that they're stealing from others, it's all about greed and ego", Randy Doman, the Missouri Department of Conservation's protection division chief, told the Springfield News-Leader.

"Taking just the heads is their version of obtaining a 'trophy, ' and leaving the carcass behind is merely an afterthought", he added.

An outlaw hunter will spend not only the next year or so behind bars, but also must face regular screenings of the Disney film Bambi.

It is reportedly one of the biggest poaching cases in Missouri history. In total, the other co-conspirators faced a litany of charges and paid almost US$200,000 (NZ$293,000) in bonds and fines and served 33 days in jail, according to the department of conservation.