Convoy of lorries joins no-deal Brexit test at disused airfield


"It is now clear beyond doubt the Prime Minister's tactic is to run down the clock and deprive Parliament of any alternative to her Brexit proposals, bringing the prospect of a no-deal disaster closer", Blackford said.

"It demonstrates the utter nonsense that is Brexit, and proves why there must be a people's vote so that we can ask the public if they really want to go ahead with this catastrophic move".

On Tuesday, her government could face a bid to block an unmanaged exit when a group of lawmakers try to amend budget legislation to deny funding for some no-deal preparations unless they are approved by parliament.

Ali said: "Inevitably, the contingency plans are for day one only, and in the event of no deal will represent the tip of the iceberg as longer-term plans will be more strategic and extensive than those publicly announced to date". People also favored a second referendum to make the decision on their own, Reuters reported.

"I would say don't let the search for the ideal become the enemy of the good because the danger there is that we end up with no Brexit at all". Two former ministers from the Cabinets of Margaret Thatcher, Ken Clarke and Chris Patten, have urged her to rethink and put Britain's exit from the bloc on hold in order for a political consensus to be hammered out on Britain's future relationship with the EU.

She repeated the pledge this morning, telling Marr that "I'm not going to be calling a snap election and I'm not going to lead [the Conservatives] into the general election".

Letters to hauliers from the Department for Transport (DfT) and Kent County Council said the practice run would take place during morning rush hour at 8am and again at 11am to "establish the safest optimum release rate of HGVs" from the airfield to Dover along the A256.

Lawmakers are expected to vote on it either January 14 or 15.

However, last time Mrs May took this route it failed to give her the boost she had hoped for.

Earlier, speaking to the Press Association in Los Angeles, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said: "Parliament needs to understand that if we're not able to come to Parliament and get a deal, then we may end up leaving the European Union with no deal".

He said May has had further conversations with European Union leaders over the holiday period, adding that the government will set out the assurances it had received before the debate starts on Wednesday.

Britain's divorce deal with Brussels is the only deal on the table and can not be renegotiated, an EU Commission spokesperson said Monday.

EY financial services' Brexit Tracker said 20 companies had announced plans to transfer assets - chiefly client cash and investments such as stock and bond holdings - out of London before 29 March.

"The reason Theresa May has had such a botched set of negotiations is because of her red lines", he told Sky News.

Parish council chairman Cllr Andrew Blaydes said: "The trial is essential and we have always said it needs to be tested to show the impact on local traffic".

"Today's trial can not possibly duplicate the reality of 4,000 trucks being held at Manston airport in the event of a no-deal Brexit", the RHA's chief executive Richard Burnett said in a statement.