Samsung Shows Off 219-Inch Wall, Modular Micro LED Displays


Just to recap, Samsung announced The Wall at CES 2018 and the TV measured a whopping 146-inches.

For more detail on Samsung's 2019 QLED 8K and Micro LED lines, please visit booth #15006 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES 2019 (January 8-11, 2019).

Samsung hasn't released pricing or availability information on its 75-inch 4K Micro LED set but you can bet it'll be expensive.

Samsung's Micro LED displays rely on millions of tiny self-emissive modules, which give off red, green, and blue light to combine for stunningly sharp colors.

Samsung says it has improved the MicroLED tech since a year ago by refining the manufacturing process of MicroLED panels to shrink the gap between the microscopic LEDs that make up these displays.

Micro LED displays should offer high levels of brightness, deep blacks, and wide color gamuts.

"For decades, Samsung has led the way in next-generation display innovation", said Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. Millions of these tiny lights are then combined in the huge televisions to "produce brilliant 'colours on screen - delivering unmatched picture quality that surpasses any display technology now available on the market".

Micro LED technology is unique for a couple of different reasons. Technical advancements in the ultra-fine pitch semiconductor packaging process made over the past year have allowed Samsung to narrow the gap between the microscopic LED chips, thus allowing the company to create a more home-friendly 75-inch form factor.

Since the entire system is modular, users can customize their own display to fit the space perfectly.

Samsung says the Micro LED displays can be scaled up for a bigger resolution, and can support all types of content without sacrificing image quality.

"The modular functionality of Micro LED will allow users in the future to create the ultimate display evenat irregular 9×3, 1×7 or 5×1 screen sizes that suits their spatial, aesthetic and functional needs", it added.