Another person has died after becoming trapped in a clothing donation bin


A 34-year-old man died after becoming trapped in a bin in West Vancouver in December, while a 32-year-old in Ontario died in similar circumstances in November.

Last week, the District of West Vancouver said donation bins in the area would be temporarily closed following the December 30 death of a 34-year-old man who became trapped partially inside one, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

He said the designs feature metal bars that create a "pinch point" when activated, often by people trying to get into the boxes.

In total, five deaths have been reported in British Columbia over the last four years.

Tuesday's incident has sparked wide calls for the removal of the bins and a re-think of their design.

The bins need to be removed within 24 hours or, if not logistically possible, they must be locked until they can be removed, according to city spokesperson Ted Townsend.

RangeView Fabricating, a Toronto-area company that produces bins used by prominent charities such as Diabetes Canada and B'nai Brith, said it is now focused on modifying the existing containers to improve safety.

A Burnaby man was found in a donation bin just a day after the city announced its plans to remove them from city streets.

But with at least eight documented deaths in Canada since 2015, including the death of a woman in Toronto on Tuesday morning, Agro said the time had come for immediate action.

"We'll keep them off of public property until such time as safety modifications can be made to ensure that we don't have the type of situations that have happened elsewhere".

Police have since said that the woman's death is not being considered as "suspicious" and the incident has been ruled as death my misadventure.

The non-profit had been working with UBC mechanical engineering students and its Canadian manufacturer to make the bins safer.

Another option is to add a feature, such as a foot pedal, which requires a person to step on it in order to open the bin door and drop something inside.