Russian lawyer who met Trump Jr charged in unrelated case


The indictment charges that after the Justice Department asked the Russian government to assist its investigation, the Russian government refused, responding with a letter that purported to exonerate Russian officials and the firm's personnel.

"I had never been looking for a meeting neither with Trump Jr., nor Sr., nor his team", Veselnitskaya told Fox News in an email sent in Russian and translated to English by her translator.

It saw Donald Trump Jr, the then-candidate Trump's son, Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, and Paul Manafort, then Trump campaign manager, meet with a group of figures with links to Russian Federation.

In Tuesday's indictment, the Justice Department said that, in the Prevezon case, Veselnitskaya had submitted ostensibly independent investigative findings that cleared Prevezon and its clients.

Veselnitskaya, 43, is believed to be in Russian Federation, according to the USA attorney for the Southern District of NY, which moved to unseal the indictment on Tuesday.

Ms Veselnitskaya represented Prevezon Holdings Ltd, a Russian-controlled company, which in 2017 agreed to pay almost $6 million to settle a United States government lawsuit accusing it of laundering proceeds of a $230 million tax fraud.

The indictment notes that Veselnitskaya "was a Russian national and attorney" who advised "the defendants and claimants" in the case United States v. Prevezon Holdings. The response "purported to accuse" deceased Russian accountant Sergei Magnitsky of involvement in the fraud.

Katzyv eventually settled the case by paying $6 million without an admission of guilt.

Prosecutors say Veselnitskaya submitted deceptive declarations to a judge in a civil proceeding involving a Russian tax refund fraud scheme.

Veselnitskaya is based in Moscow at the law firm Camerton Consulting. A Russian government spokesperson said at the time that he died of heart failure, but a Russian human rights council found that his detention was unlawful and that he was beaten by guards with rubber batons on the last day of his life and then denied medical care, the indictment says. Browder launched a campaign to have those allegedly involved in his death blacklisted by the U.S. But that meeting did center on issues related to Veselnitskaya's work on behalf of Prevezon, which is controlled by a Russian businessman named Denis Katsyv.

Both Fusion and Veselnitskaya were working for Prevezon in the NY case.

The meeting is being scrutinised by Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating whether Mr Trump's campaign team conspired with Russians to influence the 2016 election.

She said in the questionnaire that she attended the meeting to lobby for a re-examination of the Magnitsky Act.

The companies that claimed they had been defrauded by Prevezon were owned by Hermitage Capital Management, whose CEO William Browder aided the government's case.