Banned from CES, Ose Sex Toy Maker Accuses Showrunners of Sexism


But the Sunday and Monday before are jam-packed with announcements that set the stage for tech's biggest show of the year.

Lora DiCarlo was given an honouree for its Ose Massager at the CES Innovation Awards robotics and drones category.

Samsung Electronics will not immediately join the new market for rollable TVs that surprised the world this week at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019, according to the company's chief of consumer electronics division, raising doubt as to the "economic efficiency".

It was listed in the robotics and drones category, but the company's founder says the organisers of the show then revoked the award.

To be determined by an independent panel, these awards are awarded to products that get a high enough score for becoming an honoree.

Thus keeping in view CTA's image, the organisers chose to disqualify the product.

As Haddock pointed out, not only does this imply that women's sexual wellness products are somehow indecent or salacious, but it begs the question of how Osé made it past the first round of inspections by CTA staff.

But a month later they were informed by the administrators at CES and the CTA that the award had been rescinded, and that they would not be allowed to showcase the product, or even exhibit it at CES 2019. Clearly CTA has no issue allowing explicit male sexuality and pleasure to be ostentatiously on display.

Shacknews talks with members of the Lora DiCarlo team at CES.

Haddock writes that CES and the CTA has a long history of gender bias, misogyny, sexism and double-standards, much like the wider tech sector.

The CTA today announced that it will invest $10 million in venture funding focused on 'women, people of color, and other underrepresented startups and entrepreneurs'.