Chrissy Metz denies making Brie slur


Both Brie and Metz attended last year's Screen Actors Guild Awards and appeared to be all smiles as they posed together.

For what it's worth, Metz took to Twitter later in the night to refute the claim that she used the expletive.

Chrissy Metz was still mic'd up after the very end of a pre-show interview when it appears she was caught saying something about Alison Brie while cameras at the Golden Globes cut away to her on the other side of the red carpet earlier today.

According to Metz, Gibson had asked her whether she knew Alison Brie at the end of their interview, to which Metz responded, "Do I?"

It's worth noting that one of the pre-show co-hosts, AJ Gibson, believes Metz did not call Brie a "b***h" but instead had called her a "babe", as he told Page Six.

As many pointed out, she could just as easily have been calling Brie a "babe", a "big star" or any other number of compliments.

Nicole Sperling, a reporter from Vanity Fair, even took a moment to ask Brie about the situation, of which she seemed to have little knowledge.

"I don't speak about anyone like that I don't speak like that". "I just don't. It really gutted me for the first half of the show but then I messaged Alison". "I saw her on the carpet and I told her how lovely she looked", Brie said.

Chrissy was participating in the Facebook Live when she was asked if she knows "GLOW" star Alison Brie.

Many of Metz's fans are also not convinced that the actress made the controversial remark, but if she did, some argued that she might have said it as a joke because the pair are friends. "I love Alison, I follow her", Metz shared.

And Metz says the two have already cleared the air through text.

She added, "Rumours can't keep us down". "If you actually listen to the video, I don't say anything".