New concession on backstop following furious row over Brexit vote


May, who is struggling to win approval for her Brexit plan, previously had 21 days to report back to the Commons in the event of a defeat next Tuesday.

John Bercow seized control of the Brexit process from Theresa May and handed it to MPs as the Prime Minister suffered her second humiliating Commons defeat in as many days.

The prime minister's spokesman told reporters at Thursday morning's lobby briefing that No 10's understanding of the Dominic Grieve amendment - which requires May to outline a plan B in three working days if she is defeated - was that only a limited debate would then be allowed.

The Government lost a n amendment vote on Tuesday after Tory MPs backed the amendment [UK Parliament] Sir Oliver, who supports Mrs May's deal, said they were ready to table similar amendments to other Brexit legislation to warn they were prepared to put paid to "this disastrous proposal". May presents. That clears the way for MPs to propose everything from a second referendum on Brexit to delaying the country's departure from the European Union and even cancelling Brexit altogether.

"I don't think the British public are served by fantasies about magical, alternative deals that are somehow going to spring out of a cupboard in Brussels", Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington told BBC radio.

On Jan. 4, 1642, King Charles I entered the House of Commons to arrest five members of Parliament for high treason (luckily they had already fled the building).

In a warning to pro-Remain MPs on Wednesday, cabinet minister David Lidington said if Mrs May's Brexit deal was rejected, the United Kingdom would leave without a deal.

In a speech in Wakefield today, Mr Corbyn will say that a general election is the most "practical" and "democratic" way to "break the deadlock" in Parliament over Brexit.

Mr Grieve had tabled the amendment Tuesday night after pro-EU MPs had passed an amendment to the Finance Bill created to prohibit spending on No Deal preparations without authorisation from Parliament - which is dominated by Remainers and largely opposed to No Deal.

The development came after 17 Tory rebels helped pass Mr Grieve's amendment by 308 votes to 297.

Groups of MPs have raised several options, including a Norway-style arrangement that would see Britain remain outside EU institutions, such as the European Court of Justice, but within the European single market, which provides for the free movement of goods, services and people.

Members of May's own Conservative party led the revolt amid fears that delaying the decision raises the risks of Britain crashing out of the European Union on March 29 with no deal at all.

Mrs May's attempts to win over MPs were further thwarted on Wednesday after the DUP dismissed new assurances over the controversial backstop element of the withdrawal agreement as "meaningless".

"If the prime minister's Brexit deal is defeated next week, she must return to parliament as soon as possible and give MPs a real say on what happens next".

"The only way we can move forward if the Government's deal is not acceptable to Parliament is for Parliament to engage with Government and find a solution, which is what I am trying to do".

An EU diplomat told AFP on Tuesday that "we are convinced that Theresa May will request a postponement after the agreement is rejected in the British parliament".

The leader of the opposition Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn said: "This vote is an important step to prevent a no-deal Brexit".

He will say: "A government that can not get its business through the House of Commons is no government at all".

Mrs May postponed the vote in mid-December when it became clear politicians would resoundingly reject the agreement, a compromise deal that has left both pro-European and pro-Brexit politicians unhappy.