The top 10 unveils from CES 2019 - Hardware


Jabra launched a pair of high-end noise-cancelling headphones, the Elite 85h, that can work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple's Siri.

Google announced that a new feature called Interpreter Mode will be rolling out on Google Home and Smart Displays over the next couple weeks.

In its CES announcements, Google revealed a bunch of useful updates to Google Assistant including navigation, travel, and translation features. Everybody and their mothers (and a few relatives) are rushing to make their products "smart" by integrating them with either the Assistant or Alexa.

Sonos first announced that it was working with Google when it introduced the Sonos One speaker in late 2017. Google Assistant is doing most of the work.

Travelers can save and retrieve their boarding pass using their phone, and Google Assistant will send a notification when the plane is ready for boarding.

Google is bringing the Google Assistant to Google Maps on Android and iPhone. You will soon be able to ask Assistant to relay Map information to your friends, such as your ETA. Interpreter Mode will support dozens of languages, according to Google, so you can conduct conversations in real time with an interpreter on hand.

Google may be expanding the powers of its digital assistant for home devices and automotive accessories, but it hasn't forgotten about the smartphone. We bemoaned the lack of Google Assistant onboard and although Sonos' promises of Google Assistant kept us happy for a while, that while kept being extended into the future. It uses the existing smart home platform to expand to new device types. "We are excited to collaborate with Google on a new technology that offers the potential to create widespread impact across the hospitality industry".

Additionally, the Google Assistant is getting a new feature for the Philips Hue bulb that is aimed at helping you wake up. At the moment, this will only be available for domestic flights in the U.S. operated by United Airlines.