Trump Rallies Right With Nationwide Immigration Address


The anchor also informed viewers that the number of illegal border crossings has been going "steadily down over the past 10 years" despite Trump's assertion that they are on the rise and the government reports that "there is more outward traffic than inward traffic".

The issue at the heart of the matter is funding for a wall along the USA southern border with Mexico, which Trump made a signature campaign promise.

Watch live coverage as President Trump addresses the nation on immigration issues facing the country and the ongoing government shutdown.

"Just because you say it's a crisis doesn't necessarily make it one", ABC White House correspondent Cecilia Vega said following the president's address.

While the address may not change anyone's mind, there are very strong feelings both for and against the television networks' decisions to televise it in the first place.

Following Tuesday night's coverage, the liberal watchdog organization Media Matters for America said the network fact-checking was ineffective. After all, left-leaning networks like MSNBC saw a greater audience (4.24 million) than conservative-leaning and non-partisan networks like Fox News.

After Trump said that "innocent people" are being "horribly victimized" by immigrants who commit crimes, Smith quickly added perspective.

"I don't know what happened to that, but I guess it disappeared when the election was done", Kimmel said.

"The president made no news and no new proposals", he said.

The evening was a win for Fox News all around, as the network averaged 4.8 million viewers during the primetime hours of 8-11 p.m., while MSNBC averaged 3.4 million and CNN averaged 2.6 million. "That's the problem for putting this on the air", former Clinton White House press secretary Joe Lockhart said on CNN's "New Day" on Tuesday. That sets a precedent that may be tough for them to back away from in future events, he said. According to Nielsen, 1,870,000 viewers in the key demo tuned into Fox News. Sanders, a political independent who caucuses with the Democrats, delivered an individual response of his own, separate from Schumer and Pelosi, as he has before on similar occasions, such as the State of the Union.