Andrew Wiggins Calls Dennis Schroder "Gay" In Postgame Interview


The play was ruled a common foul despite the clean elbow and Noel was taken to hospital on a stretcher soon after.

Minnesota forward Andrew Wiggins is backtracking after using the word "gay" on to describe Oklahoma City Thunder guard Dennis Schroder's behavior during the recent game between the two teams. Noel went up to contest an attempted dunk by Andrew Wiggins, but the Wolves' wing caught Noel in the face with his forearm.

As he lay motionless, medical personnel were called.

Coach Billy Donovan was unable to give an update on Noel's condition following the game, with more news expected on Wednesday.

However, the former number one overall pick clarified on Twitter that he did not use a homophobic slur and said "getting" rather than "gay". "Just send prayers up and hopefully that he's all fine". Hopeflly he's good. I hope nothing but the best for him.

Rose will also miss Tuesday night's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but he plans to return on Friday against the Dallas Mavericks.

No one has. That was likely the best all-around game of Wiggins' NBA career. He shouldn't be taking any blame for it whatsoever. It's just one of those insane plays that happen. Fortunately, they responded quite quickly, the medical staff and whatnot.

"Uh, he was just gay", Wiggins said. "He tried to contest it".

"I didn't know if it was necessarily going to work, going against their schemes", Saunders told The Athletic about an hour after a thrilling, tense 119-117 victory over the Thunder. "He's not someone I see as a problem". "He was acting insane for no reason", Wiggins appeared to say. Two technicals were called on Teague and he was ejected.