Man caught on camera licking doorbell for hours at California home


If you thought you'd seen it all, prepare yourself for what's about to come your way - because police from Salinas, California have released a rather freaky video that just might put you off your next meal.

Authorities are searching for a man seen on security footage licking the doorbell of a California home and relieving himself in the family's yard.

He carried on licking for three hours.

That's 180 minutes of straight licking.

The couple had been out of town, during the unusual incident, but their children were sleep inside the family's home.

The man has been identified as 33-year-old Roberto Daniel Arroyo.

"I thought, 'Boy, there's a lot of traffic.' I go, '5 in the morning?' My son doesn't get home till 6 a.m". Police said the suspect also took an extension cord from the yard, however, the stolen item was found by the victim's neighbors the next day. Their children, who were at home at the time of the incident, were not roused by the noise.

She added that "you kind of laugh" about the situation "because technically he didn't do anything".

"This guy's getting some sick jollies off of something", David commented after watching the man-on-doorbell action in disbelief.

Police said the video helped them quickly identify Arroyo.

The house, that belongs to the Dungan family has left the members creeped out.

Dungan said there was no physical damage to her home, but her family spent the rest of the weekend sanitizing their doorbells, according to the station.