Kevin Hart says 'I'm over it' and won't host the Oscars


According to sources, Hart hosting the show is "100%" dead. "It gets no more energy from me", Hart told Michael Strahan on Good Morning America.

Kevin Hart officially stated that he will not host the Oscars this year. She told Kevin, "You are apologising again right now". "I've done all that I can do".

"I will say this, and I want to make this very clear", said Hart in a soundbite he insisted he would use as a rebuttal if people "chop up" the audio from his show. "I'm not saying I've changed anymore".

Unfortunately it did not go well for Hart. "Here's what I'm trying to say - I'm over it", he declared.

In 2010, Hart had also joked during a stand-up performance about his fear of his son "growing up and being gay". I'm done with it. I'm over the moment ... if it's accepted, great, and if it's not, it's nothing I can control. "But I don't believe in going backwards". I aspire, I motivate. Hart declined to answer that question but wanted to focus on being "a good person" who shouldn't have to justify who he is. I love to love. "I love to love - if you don't see that, then that means it's a problem with you..."

"I shouldn't have to prove who I am", Hart said. "Feel and choose to think how you think". I've addressed it. I've spoken on it. "I'm not over delivering and over proving myself, because no matter what you do it may still not be received".

"It shows me that there is no ending to it", he said of the backlash.

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Strahan pushed Hart to offer more of a response beyond "I'm over it" and "I'm done with it", but he was met with more of the same. "I know that within my apologies I've taken 10 years to put my apology to work".

"I don't have time to prepare and do it correctly", Hart explained."The microscope on me is so, is so fucing thick that they're looking for everything".

A new report from Variety claims that the Academy is moving forward with no singular host, with producers instead lining up groups of A-list stars to introduce a number of different segments.

If you've been following the drama from the start, it's been well documented that the 39-year-old has said he's sorry multiple times over. You should host the Oscars.