RCMP talk mental health


Launched by Bell Canada to inspire employers and employees alike into breaking down the stigma associated with mental health in the workplace. The CCH's child and youth mental health services donated door prizes, snacks and pizza.

A search filter on "the impact" page for where the funds go displays an extensive list of recipients (by year, region, type). "If we can set the stage for more people to come forward, and feel comfortable about addressing this fear of the stereotypes and stigma that they're called an addict, or an alcoholic, or a (person with) schizophrenia, and so on".

In addition to talk, text and other interactions of support today, your views of the Bell Let's Talk Day videos on social media platforms count toward Bell's donation to mental health.

Stevenson said the national Bell Let's Talk initiative allows his organization and others to share information about local expertise, services and programs.

Shelby Meyer, vice president external for the Medicine Hat College Students' Association, stands next to a display for Bell Let's Talk on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019. It's been an incredible outpouring of support for those who struggle with mental illness over the last eight years, and we're now ready to break a billion total messages.

Deputy Premier, Minister of Health and Long-term Care, and Newmarket-Aurora MPP Christine Elliott said in a statement, "On Bell Let's Talk Day, we are reminded that we must take mental health as seriously as any health issue, because mental health is health".

The English-language video features Alessia Cara, Anderson Cooper, Ellen DeGeneres, Lisa LaFlamme and Seth Rogen with Bell Let's Talk team members Mike Babcock, Manon Charbonneau, Denni Clement, David K. Henry, Chris Johnson, Queena Lau, Howie Mandel, and Souad Saidj.

The grants are given out on one-year terms and the deadline to apply for the next round of funding is March 15, 2019. Some have also opened up about their own battles with anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, among other diseases.

A substantial number of companies and organizations agree that Let's Talk is a venture worth pursing.

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