(Update) Apex Legends hits one million players in less than a day


Respawn is now working on Cross-play for Apex Legends, but is not promising anything at the moment. The game is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Today Respawn and EA announced Apex Legends, a big new free-to-play shooter with 60-player battle royale and Overwatch-like squad battles.

There are now six free characters that players can choose from, while two others can be purchased either with in-game currency or your hard-earned cash.

Considering that Respawn plans to support the game over a long period of time, it's safe to assume we'll see more Legends show up eventually. "That creates some really interesting dynamics where you have to anticipate enough to get ahead, and if you're already ahead, you're going to see players coming through the chokepoint and can set up an ambush". Or will Respawn add further maps? "... We looked at other games, we did research with the first parties [developers] across other EA games, for what really drives people from a fun perspective without hurting the game from feeling like you're being nickel-and-dimed". McCoy went on to talk about why they went with a surprise and sudden launch instead of hyping up the game beforehand. There's a risk to this-using the beacon takes time and leaves you exposed-but it's a clever step beyond the standard respawn.

My deaths came, as they do in many battle royales, either nearly immediately or in the late game. Movement is clean and delightful, and sometimes I was more interested in sliding down hills than finding better gear.

What are the drop rates for items of a specific rarity in an Apex Pack? He knows the game will have initial critics but hopes the gameplay will win them over.

Season 1 officially begins in March, and will mark the launch of the battle pass system.

Apex Legends also offers up a variety of purchasable items such as character banners, quips, and skins for both the player and their weapon.

What kinds of microtransactions and in-game currencies are there?