Eagle-eyed royal fans notice angry face in Kate Middleton's dress


Mental health costs the United Kingdom more than £94 billion every year, covering social support, losses in employment costs from people who can not work, and treatment.

Middleton's visit to both Alperton and Lavender Primary School was in honor of Children's Mental Health Week.

"Children and young people start to make comparisons between their bodies and some of the idealised bodies they see online".

During the day, Kate was there to support one of her charities, Place2Be which works in schools to provide guidance to pupils, family, teachers and staff and foster their emotional wellbeing.

The 2018 photo features the Duchess, with husband Prince William and their three children, Prince George (5), Princess Charlotte (3), and Prince Louis (9 months).

Late a year ago, Former Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill that approved $30 million for school mental health services in MI schools.

And true to form, the Duchess of Cambridge looked typically chic for an outing to a north London primary school on Tuesday in a bespoke shamrock green dress by British label Eponine.

She said: "It has been vital, without their support we wouldn't have been able to connect with so many children".

Matthew Kleiner-Mann, chief executive of the Ivy Learning Trust, who met with Kate, said afterwards to the Daily Mail that she told them how "One stirs the flour, one puts the milk and butter in, and they make salads and stuff".

During the study, which is set to run until 2021, pupils will also take part in sessions with mental health experts and an emphasis will be made on the importance of support networks, including among their classmates.

"This is a photograph of my family", she said. "Providing this support is the first step in helping kids build life-long coping skills".

The Duchess of Cambridge met the woman named as the World's Best Teacher today during a series of school visits to mark Children's Mental Health Week.

"So much time and effort and energy goes into making these, it must be so appreciated by those who receive them", she said.

Survey participants are asked how happy and confident they are in different areas of their lives.

Professor Glazzard heads up the UK's only university mental health centre at Leeds Beckett, which researches and lectures about the mental health of schoolchildren, teachers and trainee teachers.