Elizabeth Warren Apologizes Again for Claiming to Be of Native Descent


In October, Warren released a video along with a DNA test that shows she has some distant Native American ancestry. " Another notable group of doubters is the Cherokee nation itself, who called the senator's DNA test "useless" in determining citizenship". This past fall Warren tried to double down and prove her ancestry with DNA results.

The Post revealed the document as part of an article featuring an interview with Warren, who elaborated on her previous apology for her claims of Cherokee tribal affiliation.

Napolitano said that Warren's note of ethnicity on the '86 registration form is "irrelevant" and said that no one could present a charge of fraud against her.

McDaniel reproduced sections of the Texas Disciplinary Rules Of Professional Conduct to emphasize her claim. And it seems the Fox News anchor was not all that satisfied by Warren's mea culpa.

WND reported Warren wrote in her own hand on a 1986 registration for the Texas Bar that her race was "American Indian".

A Warren aide did not dispute the card's authenticity and declined to comment on whether there might be other unreported examples of her having claimed American Indian heritage. She said her recent apologies were a recognition that she should have been more aware of how she was identifying.

Warren apologized to leaders of the Cherokee Nation earlier this month.

Smith continued: "The question is, was she trying to gain some sort of advantage-in this case, in the Texas bar-over those that did not consider themselves "American Indian". The card listed Warren's alma maters the University of Houston and Rutgers Law School but no other racial identifiers.

The controversy arises just days before Warren is set to make a major announcement this Saturday in Lawrence, Massachusetts, before embarking on a campaign swing through the early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

Head over to The Washington Post to view the State Bar of Texas registration card. Warren was doing legal work on the side, according to her campaign, but nothing that required bar admission in the state. Above the lines for race, national origin and handicap status, the card says, "The following information is for statistical purposes only and will not be disclosed to any person or organization without the express written consent of the attorney". The couple also reported no credit card debt.