Sneak peek: The 230 brand new emojis coming to smartphones in 2019


The Unicode Consortium, which is responsible for approving each year's list of new emoji, has released the full details on 2019's upcoming batch. Still, these are welcome additions if you're looking for more ways to express yourself.

The update also adds more than a dozen emojis that represent members of the deaf and blind communities.

"The pinching hand emoji will soley be used for small dicks", another user commented.

While today marks the approval of the new emoji by the Unicode Consortium, it'll be some time before these images make it to your phone's keyboard.

The update will also give people the ability to select the race and gender for the emojis that have a couple.

In addition, the 2019 list includes two people holding hands that can be modified with a range of gender and skin tone options.

Some of the new emojis include people in manual and motorized wheelchairs, people with seeing and hearing impairments, and more.

We're also finally getting food characters for onions, garlic, falafels, oysters and butter, all of which emoji you thought existed before today, but didn't. They should hit computers and mobile devices later this year.

The Unicode Consortium is the keeper of the keys when it comes to Emoji. The idea was first introduced by Plan International UK, a girl's right charity that held a survey on what a period emoji should look like.

Plan said almost half of 18- to 34-year-old women that it surveyed believed a period emoji would make it easier for them to overcome the embarrassment of talking about menstruation.