Ugandan woman moves to stop Miss Curvy contest


Mr Kiwanda added that while Uganda has long appreciated smaller bodied women as a hallmark of beauty, the curvy pageant is just another campaign aimed at appreciating beauty in diversity. "What happens now that the government is confirming a stereotype that women are sexual objects and can be touched regardless and more so made a product of tourism", she told AFP.

"Miss Curvy Uganda's deliberate and calculated use of my image and likeliness to promote and encourage violation of women's bodies has defamed my character and reputation, damaged a brand I have worked for many years to establish, and subjected me to unwarranted and undeserved cyber bullying", she went on.

Museveni said the proposal has never been endorsed by Cabinet and that there was no justification for tourists to visit Uganda to purposely look at lovely women.

According to CNN, Uganda's Minister of Ethics and Integrity Rev Fr Simon Lokodo called on the Tourism Ministry to showcase Uganda's wide array of tourist attractiongs, rather than "scandalizing" the nation.

Mr Kiwanda unveiled the initiative, part of the Tulambule (let's explore) promotion, at Mestil Hotel in Kampala by waving a flag while women in sleek and tight-fitting clothing walked around the poolside taking pictures with the event organisers including with the junior minister.

Unsurprisingly, the suggestion that women be used to attract foreign tourists has received widespread condemnation on social media, in the local press and from a fellow minister in Uganda's cabinet.

'Guess their strategy? Use curvy women to promote the country.

"I totally condemn that pageant and I would want it stopped", Lokodo said in an interview with Record TV Uganda.

Ms Mungoma said since most pageants celebrate slenderness and pretty faces which are a more western way of defining beauty, most African women are uniquely built which does not make them any less attractive. Those were gentlemen married to "curvy" women and dating them.

"In Uganda, curvy women are now tourist "products" as if zoo animals".

"Will he (Kiwanda) put these curvy women in a cage, or a hall or display them strategically in national parks?" You know, sometimes reality is stranger than fiction'.

He said it would be used to promote tourism in the East African country. It has the largest population of gorillas and more species of birds per square kilometre than anywhere else in the world.