Patriots’ Cordarrelle Patterson gifts TB12 diamond chain to Tom Brady


With Drew Brees and numerous team's star players set to return next season, New Orleans is definitely poised to make another run with perhaps a bigger chip on their shoulder than any other team in the league.

What does all this mean exactly?

According to Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, Coach Bill Belichick tells his players at the start of each National Football League campaign to "put everything in the drawer" and worry about it when the season is done.

Brady has yet to back off his comments/intentions of playing until the age of 45, and with another Super Bowl ring to his name, why would he stop?

That all said, New England will have a great opportunity next season. It's worth noting the Chiefs have the fifth-hardest 2019 schedule according to opponent winning percentage, however. As a result, it's the Rams who played the New England Patriots in Sunday's big game.

So which opponents on the Patriots' 2019 schedule should the team be circling?

While there is no question that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time with six Super Bowl titles and top-10 placement in almost every passing category, he may not be the reason why the New England Patriots are so successful.

"But getting the MVP is kind of a win for me and my other team, and that's my family".