5-year-old girl rescued from rubble after Turkey apartment collapse


He did not provide details on the number of people still trapped under the wreckage.

Rescuers work at the site of the collapsed building in Istanbul's Kartal district, Turkey, February 6, 2019.

Istanbul's governor, Ali Yerlikaya, said Thursday the search for survivors would continue "uninterrupted".

At least one person was killed and four others have been left under rubble after the eight-storey residential building collapsed, Turkish private broadcaster NTV said.

Her rescue came hours after a nine-year-old boy was pulled out alive.

Can Akin, of the Chamber of Geology Engineers, told The Associated Press that many buildings in Istanbul were built without an adequate investigation of the ground conditions. Rescue teams are responding to voices from the debris and continuing efforts to reach the survivors.

Search teams have recovered 10 bodies from the rubble of a collapsed eight-storey apartment building in Istanbul.

ANKARA - The death toll from the collapse of an eight-story building in Istanbul rose to six on Thursday, while 13 others were wounded, the governor of Turkish city said.

The building had 14 apartments with 43 people registered as residents.

Video footage shows Havva Tekgoz, 5, being uncovered from rubble by rescuers before she's taken away on a stretch. As the media look into the incident, it was discovered that the building's top three floors were built without proper documents and permit. He added that the basement factory was also operating without a business license. "We have to bring them out as soon as possible", Yerlikaya said.

One four-storey structure crumbled previous year following violent thunderstorms and in January 2017, two people died when another building collapsed in a working class part of town.