Wells Fargo customers can not access mobile, online banking after facility power shutdown


The San Francisco-based bank said on Twitter at about 1 p.m. that during routine maintenance, smoke was detected, and systems shut down. One customer's tweet said that ATMs and credit cards also were also not working, however the bank did not specifically address these issues in its Twitter messages.

For some customers, the Thursday outage evoked a sense of deja vu, as Wells Fargo experienced similar issues a week ago.

Some people around Charlottesville said they are dealing with the outages as best they can.

An hour later, the company issued another brief statement that did not provide any specific details about the cause of the outage or how long it might last.

The website DownDetector.com showed reports of Wells Fargo access issues spreading across the entire continental US.

Starting around 6am Pacific Time (2pm UTC), the American bank's online portal and its mobile application have been totally unusable. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Since the outage began, some customers reported being unable to access funds or use their debit cards.

Although portions of Wells Fargo online banking have been restored as of Friday, customers are complaining that their paycheck direct deposits are not showing up on their available balance online. "If you are impacted, please check back here for updates", Wells Fargo stated. According to ABC News, the bank has been scrutinized for its sales practices, particularly in terms of auto loans and insurance contracts.