A mic'd up Christian Hackenberg kept cursing during his very bad AAF debut


However, he never took a meaningful snap in his multiple seasons with NY before he was cut, with reports often tricking out about his dramatically bad performances in practice.

If you're a Chicago Bears fan - and more specifically a football fan - and you were jonesing for football now that the NFL season is over, you may have taken a peek at the Alliance of American Football this past weekend. The Ravens are well represented with a dozen players on the eight teams.

Here's a list that was made by NESN's Zack Cox of former New England Patriots players that are involved. He was also in Ravens training camp a year ago. Twitter was happy to take aim at the former second-round National Football League draft pick as he floundered in the AAF. Injuries once again bit Richardson and he didn't make the team, then bounced to Canada.

San Antonio next faces the Orlando Apollos in Week 2, who are coming off a big win of their own.

It may also help a player breakthrough and reemerge onto the National Football League scene once they are able to fine tune their game in the AAF.

The score also gave the Hotshots their first lead and they led their opponent, Salt Lake, 8-0 after a quarter in what became a 38-22 win over the Stallions at Sun Devil Stadium. Mirroring our Team of the Week from the National Football League side of things, this season we'll award players to our team of the week in an attempt to shed light on the top performances from the previous weekend's slate of action.