Fitbit has a new tracker, but it’s prescription-only


However, the firm is not releasing the wearable device to the public, instead making it available through its Fitbit Health Solutions partners, who want to offer their employees a way to monitor their health. It will not be sold direct to consumers through Fitbit's web site.

Fitbit hasn't announced any official pricing for these new devices, though it's apparently the company's cheapest device so far. In recent years Fitbit says that smart-watch market has become challenging in which Apple Watch has a major market share and Chinese Xiaomi has also become a major player.

Despite its grandiose name, the novelty is in principle not possess any unique features and technologies, virtually repeating the technological complex of smart devices from the company of past generations.

Fitbit Inspire features and specs According to the product listing on the company's website, Fitbit Inspire boasts of features like activity and sleep tracking. Both the new trackers aim business users.

The big picture: Fitness tracker sales to individuals have not been going so well for Fitbit, but corporate partnerships with healthcare businesses and enterprise clients are keeping the company afloat with opportunity for growth.

CEO James Park told CNBC, in his first public statement about the new tracker, that his company's revenue is increasingly tied to business customers.

Fitbit has been developing software to help companies give employees tools to track their health and encourage behavior change. The device can be worn as a wristband or clipped to clothing, and is available in white or black. The devices are typically offered through workplace wellness programs, and are subsidized, earned through healthy behavior or available free of charge.