Julian Edelman has gnarly playoff beard shaved off for charity


Days after helping the New England Patriots win their sixth Super Bowl and capturing Super Bowl LIII MVP honors in the process, Julian Edelman accomplished maybe his greatest feat of the year. "It's like a child", the Patriots receiver said. "Because football is life", Edelman told NBC Sports' Peter King. He is more hesitant to speak about this season's first four games, in which he did not play because of a PED suspension that he will not (and not cannot) explain. I know a lot of people were disappointed in me for it. "Unit the season is done.' So I put my razor in the drawer", Edelman said. You learn a lot from that. There's no telling what Belichick means by "everything", but it's probably safe to say that it encompasses anything that doesn't have to do with what happens on Sunday afternoon, up to and including personal grooming. My father and I kind of just sat back and said, All right, we have a problem here. "From this whole thing, I've learned that you've just got to stay in your routine, and you've just got to work your way out of it".

But in the years since getting her, Belichick and the Patriots have won three more Super Bowls, including this month against the Los Angeles Rams.

At the end of the day, Edelman lost the beard for a great cause. What's this problem? Let's make sure this never happens again.

Edelman took her up on the offer, and said he'd match the $10,000. While Patrick Mahomes and Co. still managed to hang 31 points, their most explosive offensive player was a total non-factor. Ellen said it was delivered to the show to give to him.