Katy Perry Pulls ‘Blackface’ Shoes From Retailers


TMZ's sources said the loafers and heeled sandals were "never meant to be offensive". "So we just gonna let Katy Perry slide?" the singer asked, according to TMZ.

"Regarding Katy Perry's shoes; if you have to second guess whether a design is blackface/racist.it probably is".

Katy's recent shoe offering that was available at Walmart and Dillard's has since been pulled off the shelves since one particular design resembles Blackface.

The brand's official website states the collection is "designed 100% by Katy Perry",which has seen the singer face backlash on Twitter. Both shoes, which sell for $129, come in black, gold or beige. "In order to be respectful and sensitive, the team is in the process of pulling the shoes", the site's source added.

Katy Perry's Ora Face block-heel sandal. The black wool top, which reportedly retailed for $US900, featured a long turtleneck that covered the bottom portion of the face with a cutout over the mouth.

It is unclear if Dillard's made the call to pull the shoes or if it was Perry's brand. The black shoe is still listed on Lord & Taylor, but is out of stock.

Blackface is a centuries-old practice rooted in depicting a negative stereotype of black people in Europe and the US.

Last week, Gucci was forced to pull a jumper from its new collection after similar accusations about blackface.

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