WARREN UNHINGED: Sen. Warren Suggests Trump GOING TO PRISON Before 2020 Election


Democrat Elizabeth Warren took aim at President Donald Trump, saying he "may not even be a free person" by next year's election.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared Tuesday at the National Indian Women's "Supporting Each Other" lunch in Washington to introduce a Native American leader from MA, her presidential campaign said. She recently apologized to the Cherokee Nation for a DNA test that revealed she has just a tiny percentage of Native American heritage.

"What happens in 2020 is going to determine the direction of our nation, the direction of our people", she said, noting that America is experiencing a "dangerous moment".

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren will be back in South Carolinaon Saturday, a little more than three weeks after her last appearance on the Palmetto State's campaign trail.

"By the time we get to 2020, Donald Trump may not be president", Warren said in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, The Washington Post reported. "We're going to chase after those every day?"

"Here's what bothers me..."

Warren's weekend kickoff saw her formally joining a growing field of candidates for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination as the group competes for the opportunity to unseat Trump. "In fact, he may not even be a free person".

Warren elaborated on those comments to reporters at an event in Iowa City, pointing to the ongoing investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election by special counsel Robert Mueller.

She said the Democrats will not succeed by just opposing Trump, which will not "make the changes that this country really needs".

Trump has not been charged with any crimes, but several of his former advisers have pleaded guilty to a variety of charges. Most show the best-known potential candidates, like Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. In Cedar Rapids, she said sweeping changes are needed to rebalance an economy that she now favours the wealthy at the expense of middle- and lower-income Americans. It marked the first time the claim had been documented in Warren's own handwriting, reignited a debate that had begun quiet down, and prompted yet another apology. It resulted in the deaths of thousands of Native Americans.

"Basically what she is saying is that Trump is not the disease but the symptoms".

"The agenda is enormous and the fights will be tough", Warren said.