Lufthansa is suing passengers trying to collect more for already completed flights


The flight reportedly had a connection in Frankfurt, at which point the passenger took a separate flight from Frankfurt to Berlin, suggesting he was engaging in a practice known as "hidden city ticketing." .

The pricing strategies for "network carriers" such as Lufthansa, Air France and British Airways is underpinned by charging less for the more flights passengers take in one booking.

A Lufthansa spokesman confirmed to in a telephone interview from Frankfurt that it is pursuing payment from a traveller who, it believes, bought a ticket with no intention of flying the last segment of their trip.

The practice involves booking a flight that includes a layover with the intent of traveling to the layover city rather than the final destination. The company claims the move is a violation of their terms and conditions, according to the court papers.

A court decision in the airline's favour won't exactly outlaw the practice in the eyes of the courts, however Lufthansa hopes to dissuade passengers from using the hidden city trick by making an example out of one single, solitary traveller.

Though an initial ruling found in the passenger's favor, the airline has been given permission to appeal.

"Hidden city" ticketing ploys are a well documented and fairly common airline hack, recommended by travel experts as a savvy way to game the system.

According to court documents filed late a year ago, the German airline believes the passenger purposely missed the last leg of his connecting flight from Seattle to Oslo.

A Lufthansa spokesperson tells Yahoo Lifestyle, "We presently can not comment on this issue, as it is an ongoing court case".

There are risks that come with such travel however, with seasoned "tariff abusers" travelling with only cabin baggage, because hold luggage is usually checked through to its final destination.

However, that suit was thrown out by an IL judge, who said the district didn't have jurisdiction over the issue.