Biggest Supermoon of the year tonight


Stargazers can prepare themselves for the biggest and brightest moon of the year tomorrow as a "super snow moon" is set to light up the winter sky. This February's Super Moon's centre will be 356.846 kilometres from the Earth's.

If the sky is clear, especially if you have an eastern oceanic horizon, you are in for something special at moonrise, which in Dunedin should be just before 9.20pm.

A "super moon" is now taking place, where the moon is at its closest point to Earth during its orbit, or perigee.

There many be some drizzle in western and northern parts of the Netherlands on Tuesday evening, making good views of the moon less likely. The full moon in February is also known as the "snow moon" or "hunger moon," with the names attributed to folklore, but derived from the language of Indigenous people of North America, as well as European settlers. The name Snow Moon was given due to the heavy snowfall which occurred in the same season as this Moon.

The Super Snow Moon made an appearance over Cleveland, lighting up the sky early Tuesday morning.

Perhaps ironically, our closer-than-usual view of the annual snow moon may be obscured by snow itself.

February's full moon is also known as the snow moon. And, because 100 percent of the moon's surface will be illuminated by the sun, it will appear 30 percent bigger and 14 percent larger than normal, according to the site.

Today's Supermoon is the largest of the three that will appear this year. Who does not want to gaze at the moon and be lost in the land of fantasies?

And from then on, each full moon for the next seven months will be farther away than the previous one. Full moons take place once a month, and in this when the whole Moon is being illuminated by the sunlight.

This year's first supermoon occurred on January 21, and there is another one happening on March 31. So when darkness falls and the moon rises Tuesday, it will be a little bit on the wane.