Wilson-Raybould says she wants opportunity to 'speak my truth'


Opposition MPs are livid that no one from Justin Trudeau's office has been called to answer for their alleged roles in the affair.

The Sept. 4 decision date adds new information to the timeline of events - until now, it had appeared that Trudeau spoke with Wilson-Raybould before the prosecutor's decision not to proceed with the settlement negotiation.

Members of parliament meet Trudeau every Wednesday but did not do so last week, when Parliament was on a break. And in so doing she created yet more problems for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

On Sept. 5, Wilson-Raybould met with the PM's former right hand man Gerry Butts at Ottawa's historic Chateau Laurier hotel. "Privilege and confidentiality are not mine to waive and I hope that I have the opportunity to speak my truth", she said.

"My ethical and professional responsibilities as a lawyer are layered and incredibly complicated so I am still working with my lawyer".

Meanwhile, the House of Commons Justice Committee plans to continue its probe into the matter on Thursday after an about-face from the Liberal MPs, who on Tuesday voted in favour of calling Wilson-Raybould to testify as part of its study. But Wilson-Raybould, demoted in a January reshuffle, quit on February 12 and then Trudeau's principal private secretary and close ally Gerald Butts resigned on Monday.

"We had a fantastic meeting today", caucus chair Francis Scarpaleggia said in an interview.

Rankin called the committee's decision "a travesty".

The most serious political impasse this Liberal government has had to face may all come down to a difference of interpretation between a male political staffer and a female cabinet minister over what constitutes "undue pressure".

"Quite frankly, we are getting advice from the current Attorney General and she's getting advice from her counsel on what can be talked about that's not covered by privilege".

"I understand fully that Canadians want to know the truth and want transparency", said Wilson-Raybould, who has cited solicitor-client privilege to refuse comment on the matter since the allegation from anonymous sources first surfaced two weeks ago.

In a statement, Butts unequivocally denies the accusation that he or anyone else in the office improperly pressured former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould to help the Montreal engineering giant avoid a criminal case on corruption and bribery charges related to government contracts in Libya.

Scheer shot back: "It is so telling that the prime minister can not even answer this kind of simple question".

During question period, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer peppered Trudeau with questions about the September 4 refusal by the director of public prosecutions, Kathleen Roussel, to negotiate a remediation agreement with SNC-Lavalin, which faces charges of bribery and corruption related to government contracts in Libya. "At all times, I and those around me acted with integrity and singular focus on the best interests of all Canadians", he says.

She confirmed Tuesday she is still a member of the Liberal caucus and sat with the Liberals in the front row of their side in the House of Commons.

In her first comments in the chamber since the SNC-Lavalin scandal erupted, the MP rose to explain why she did not vote on a motion introduced by NDP MP Charlie Angus that called on the government to launch a public inquiry into the brewing controversy.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said Canada can not claim to be a country based on the rule of law if the Prime Minister's Office is dictating the course of justice.